Q: How do I correct Autopost Errors?
A: When an autopost error occurs, your first step will be to identify the error. When you determine what the error is and what account it should have posted to, you will be able to correct it.

To identify the error:

1. From the General Ledger Reports menu, print a new Chart of Accounts Worksheet.

2. The accounts with an account number of "0" (and subaccount number of some value) are ****AUTOPOST ERROR**** accounts. The far right column (Post) will indicate the autopost code that created the error account. You will need to identify the code, the automatic posting that created it and if there is an existing G/L Account that should be assigned this code or if a new G/L Account needs to be created for it's assignment.

To correct the error:

3. If an account exists, continue with the next step.
If the account needs to be added, from the Add G/L Accounts selection, create the new account making sure to add the appropriate Autopost Code in the field provided. When the new account has been saved, continue with step 5.

4. From the Maintain G/L Accounts selection, open the existing account and add the code to the Autopost Code field. Be sure to save the change by using the F2 Save key or ENTER past the remaining field(s).

5. Create a Manual Journal Entry to move the balances from the autopost error account to the correct G/L account. A reference note may be added about the entry but it is not required. At the Desc field, you may also describe the purpose of this journal entry and continue this description in the Notes field if needed.

6. At the Maintain Chart of Accounts screen, enter the Autopost Error account number listed on the Chart of Accounts Worksheet. Move to the Autopost Code field and remove the code so that the field is left blank. Add a Cease Date for this error account. Use the F2 Save key to save the change.

7. From the G/L Reports menu, select G/L Account Balances and run a report for the Autopost Error account to verify the balance is now "0.00".

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