Equipment Sales and Service
The DataModes EQUIPMENT SALES AND SERVICE system is customized to meet the specific requirements of a business engaged in the sales and service of serialized equipment and services.

Production and Inventory Control
The DataModes PRODUCTION AND INVENTORY CONTROL system includes modules to automate the reoccurring assembly of a finished product as in a manufacturing facility.

Wholesale Distribution
The DataModes WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTION system provides an integrated system for order processing, inventory control, and accounting for a wide range of businesses.


Accounts Payable
The DataModes ACCOUNTS PAYABLE module controls the disbursement of cash and the distribution of costs related to vendor invoices.

Accounts Receivable
The DataModes ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE module posts and tracks transactions related to sales.

Advanced Financial Accounting
The DataModes ACCOUNTING SYSTEM collects and summarizes data from all stores and consolidates data into a series of financial statements.

Bill of Materials Processor
The DataModes BILL OF MATERIALS PROCESSOR organizes the specifications of product assemblies and structures used in manufacturing and related industries.

Capacity Planning
The DataModes CAPACITY PLANNING module allows the operator to schedule jobs for operations and/or work centers.

Cash Reconciliation
The DataModes CASH RECONCILIATION module provides an automated means of reconciling bank balances to company records.

The DataModes CONFIGURATOR works within Sales Order Processing and the Production and Inventory Control modules to allow the operator to define the components of special items/services sold.

Fixed Assets
The DataModes FIXED ASSETS module maintains assets and depreciation information for the organization.

General Ledger
The DataModes GENERAL LEDGER module collects and summarizes accounting data for your organization.

Inventory Control
The DataModes INVENTORY CONTROL module maintains and updates various information about products, services and labor.

Invoice Processing
The DataModes INVOICE PROCESSING module is designed as an automated billing and inventory control function.

Job Costing
The DataModes JOB COSTING module tracks projects through to completion and allows for the charging of labor, materials, and other costs to a series of work orders which make up the projects.

Lot Tracking
The DataModes LOT TRACKING module, in conjunction with the standard inventory control system, is used to track individual parts by lot number.

Maintenance Contracts
The DataModes MAINTENANCE CONTRACTS module performs the tedious task of billing maintenance contracts on a periodic basis.

Parts Requirements Planning
The DataModes PARTS REQUIREMENTS PLANNING module is a simplified version of Material Requirement Planning that reports on the current and future status of inventory by comparing open shop orders, proposed shop orders, sales orders, and purchase orders.

The DataModes PAYROLL module meets most of the requirements even large companies need in a payroll system..

Physical Inventory
The DataModes PHYSICAL INVENTORY module is an add-on module for improving the accuracy and reducing the burden of doing a count of goods on hand.

Point of Sale
The DataModes POINT OF SALE module is designed to handle the particular needs of the retail environment.

The DataModes PURCHASING/RECEIVING module tracks purchases from initial entry through receipt of goods.

Qualified Vendor
The DataModes QUALIFIED VENDOR module is a database of cross-references between purchased parts and vendors.

Sales Analysis
The DataModes SALES ANALYSIS module extracts sales information from the invoices and organizes the data into a series of management reports.

Sales Order Processing
The DataModes SALES ORDER PROCESSING module monitors all customer orders from entry to shipment.


The DataModes SCHEDULING module allows work orders for shop order release, job costing, and service dispatch to be easily viewed and edited for scheduling purposes.

Serialized Inventory
The DataModes SERIALIZED INVENTORY module is used, in conjunction with the standard inventory control system, to track individual parts by serial number.

Service Dispatch
The DataModes SERVICE DISPATCH module is a special adaptation of job costing and invoice operations for businesses primarily involved in providing labor and materials to perform services.

Shop Order Release
The DataModes SHOP ORDER RELEASE module facilitates the loading of a master production schedule and tracks shop orders through to completion.

The DataModes TELEDEX module is a name and address directory with enhancements that give it a wide range of uses in the DataModes Application Modules.

Time and Attendance
The TIME AND ATTENDANCE module calculates work hours and accrues any type of earned time, based on each employee's arrival and departure time.

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