The DataModes PURCHASING/RECEIVING module tracks purchases from initial entry through receipt of goods. Requisitions and purchase orders are loaded on a common entry screen using data from both the TELEDEX name and address and the Inventory Master files. Purchase orders can be printed and sent to vendors. Purchasing management reports show open requisitions, open purchase orders by vendor and by part number. Upon receipt of goods, a receiving transaction updates the quantity received on the purchase order and updates on hand inventory quantities in the Inventory Control system. A variety of information on any order can be retrieved for management information. The Qualified Vendor List module can be added for more flexibility, allowing better control of the quality of vendor selections.

  • Operates in a true multi-user environment.
  • Accesses the Vendor Master and the Inventory Master data to simplify purchase order entry.
  • Verifies the price paid by a vendor by comparing the price on the last receipt.
  • Easily converts open requisitions to purchase orders.
  • Accepts both inventory and non-inventory items as well as taxable and non-taxable items on the same purchase order entry.
  • Tracks the date goods are required to be shipped versus the shipment date promised by the vendor.
  • Provides complete vendor tracking by system when the Qualified Vendor List module is added.
  • Selects by P.O. number, vendor, date received, division, department, and location when reporting on incoming receipts.
  • Receives goods in an automatic mode requiring the operator to enter only the P.O. number while the system defaults all other values for the receipt.
  • Controls the receipt of goods by cross-checking with open orders and simultaneously updating the inventory quantity on hand.
  • Provides vendor information on delivery, pricing, and other criteria.
Purchase Order Entry
PO Receipt
PO Maintenance

Purchase Order Document
PO Receiving Report
Part History by Vendor
Requisition Report
PO Utility
Inventory/PO Receiving Report
Order Recommendations
Purchase Order Summary
Vendor Purchases by Part
Receipts by Purchase Order
Purchase Orders by Part Number

PO+002 Work Order Attached To PO

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