Sales Order Processing

The DataModes SALES ORDER PROCESSING module monitors all customer orders from entry to shipment. The entry and updating of orders is done through a single, on-line transaction designed for the rapid response required by a busy sales arena such as a telemarketing environment. The order entry process is optimized by using existing data which has been previously stored on each customer and the items being sold. For planning purposes, open orders provide status reports on order backlogs which can be printed or viewed in a variety of ways. The resulting information also improves accountability in other modules such as Invoicing, Accounts Receivable, and Inventory Control.

  • Maintains orders easily through update functions, including the ability to place items on backorder, change the quantity ordered, and control the picking list to insure correct shipments.
  • Allows automatic picking of items from a pop-up window which shows all items with level one prices and on hand quantities.
  • Verifies on hand availability of items at order entry and shows the number of items available for sale.
  • Deducts items from inventory automatically, first reserving the quantity ordered and then relieving on hand inventory at the time of shipment.
  • Checks credit by comparing the customer's credit limit with the total of the customerís accounts receivable and open orders.
  • Keeps orders from being entered if the customer is on credit hold.
  • Updates the taxable or non-taxable status of items on each line item.
  • Prints picking lists, invoices, confirmations, and quotations.
  • Tracks daily activity with open order reports.
  • Allows for new customers to be entered directly into TELEDEX during order entry.
  • Permits entry of up to 9,999 line items per sales order.
  • Minimizes keystrokes by choosing most fields from a group of pre-entered items.
  • Prints reports by a variety of selection criteria.
  • Operates in a true multi-user environment.

Sales Order Entry
Sales Order Invoice Entry

Open Quotes/Confirmations
Open Order Summary
Sales Order by Customer
Sales Order Utility
Reconcile Inventory
Picking List
Reprint Picking List
Print Sales Order Invoices
Shipto Labels by Sales Order

SO+003 Sales Tax by Shipto
SO+004 Weigh System Interface
SO+005 Multiple Shiptos
SO+007 Picklists by Bin
SO+008 Order Allocation
SO+009 Sales by Location
SO+010 Phased Shipping
SO+012 Inventory Inquiry Line Entry

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