Physical Inventory

The DataModes PHYSICAL INVENTORY module is an add-on module for improving the accuracy and reducing the burden of doing a count of goods on hand. This process is done monthly or annually in most businesses to verify the accuracy of the perpetual inventory maintained by the computerized inventory control system. The computer inventory is continuously updated by receipts and shipments to meet customer orders. The physical inventory verifies this system by an actual count. Two versions are offered: one which uses manual methods including inventory tags and one which uses bar code readers and data collection devices. The second method requires a small hardware investment in Videx or Telxion-style portable collection devices.

  • Reduces the time to count physical goods by as much as 75%.
  • Improves the accuracy of the count by immediately producing a variance analysis comparing physical to perpetual inventory.
  • Utilizes a tag system to support formal CPA audits and meet generally accepted accounting principles.
  • Offers several bar code reader options which increase ease and accuracy of physical counting.
  • Automatically loads data from bar code collection devices into the computer data files and allows manual editing if needed.
  • Uses a high speed data entry screen for manual entry of physical counts if bar code readers are not used.
  • Automatically builds a file of physical counts which rolls to the perpetual inventory once reconciliation is complete and creates transaction records for inventory tracking.
  • Supports cycle counting where only portions of the inventory are counted and reconciled during normal business operations.
  • Allows for recounting and editing of count data when major discrepancies are found.
Physical Inventory Load
Physical Inventory Edit
Bar Code Collection Load

Inventory Reconciliation
Physical Inventory Tags by Number
Physical Inventory Tags

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