Accounts Payable

The DataModes ACCOUNTS PAYABLE module controls the disbursement of cash and the distribution of costs related to vendor invoices. When the Invoice is entered, postings are made directly to the General Ledger providing on-line accounting accuracy. The user has the ability to change the paydates according to the availability of funds and existing time constraints. The processing flexibility of this module makes it a tremendous asset to any business as a cash flow management tool.

  • Operates in a true multi-user environment.
  • Simplifies entry by using the Find feature to retrieve vendor names and General Ledger accounts.
  • Insures and verifies that transactions balance.
  • Provides various reports showing the status of the payables, including all payables for a specified vendor.
  • Allows for the entry of manual checks.
  • Provides a quick load screen to establish beginning A/P balances.
  • Prints a cash requirements report to forecast disbursements.
  • Prints an aging report to aid in paydate selections.
  • Prints a check register by check number or date and can report on either a specific vendor or all vendors.
  • Provides the ability to make partial payments to a payable transaction.
  • Allows ability to automatically print a check at the time of invoice entry.
  • Handles recurring A/P invoices.
  • Matches automatically purchase orders, receipts and invoices.
A/P Invoice Entry
Recurring A/P Entry
Load A/P Balances

Open Accounts Payable
Prior Open Accounts Payable
Aged Accounts Payable
A/P History By Vendor
A/P Transaction Register
A/P Check Utilities
Check Printing
A/P Recurring Entry Proof
Post Recurring A/P Invoices
Apply A/P Credits
Change A/P Paydates
Check Register
Void A/P Check
Void A/P Invoice
Accounts Payable Utilities
Cash Requirements
Change 1099 Status
Print Federal 1099 Forms
Print 1099 Forms: Magnetic Media
Reconcile 1099 Balances
Reconcile A/P Balances

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