Accounts Receivable

The DataModes ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE module posts and tracks transactions related to sales. Cash can be applied to a single open invoice, multiple invoices, or partially to an invoice. The A/R Aging Report facilitates effective collection procedures resulting in improved cash flow management. Cash receipts entry is highly automated and designed to minimize erroneous postings.

  • Operates in a true multi-user environment.
  • Eases operator workload through automated invoice generation and updating of account balances.
  • Posts balanced transactions to the General Ledger automatically.
  • Supports customer credit limits with operator override capability.
  • Stores payment history by account and by invoice.
  • Controls credit through invoice generation, cash receipts, periodic account statements, and aged trial balances.
  • Shows account aging by current and 30, 60, 90 day or any other past due basis.
  • Creates automatic finance charges.
  • Produces account statements on demand for one or all accounts.
  • Allows for non-cash adjustments to Accounts Receivable Balances with balanced postings to the General Ledger.
  • Allows for entry of down payment transactions.
  • Has a quick load screen to establish beginning A/R balances.
Payment Entry
Adjustment Entry
Prepayment Entry
Load A/R Balances
A/R Invoice Entry

Invoice Printing
Invoice Register
Cost of Sales
A/R Utilities
Cash Receipts Journal
Sales Posting
Sales Posting Exception Report
Accounts Receivable Aging
Prior A/R Aging
Account Statements
A/R History by Customer
Reconcile A/R Balances
Apply Finance Charges

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