The DataModes PAYROLL module meets most of the requirements even large companies need in a payroll system. The payroll module is transaction oriented which allows flexibility in entering time and calculating deductions. For each division, the system will allocate expenses by department in multiple states (single state per employee). If desired, it will automatically post expenses to the DataModes General Ledger module. A trial register can be printed to verify values before posting to the employee statistics and to the General Ledger. All information needed for most government reporting is easily accessed, including W-2ís and Federal Magnetic Media W-2's. Direct deposit slips can be printed instead of checks, if desired. Manual checks and additional checks can be entered separately.

  • Operates in a true multi-user environment.
  • Allocates expenses by department, and processes multi-state payrolls.
  • Maintains vacation, sick, compensated, and miscellaneous pay totals.
  • Checks or transactions can be voided easily.
  • Provides for up to 20 pay categories, such as hourly or salary and 20 deduction categories, such as insurance, savings bonds, donations, union dues, etc.
  • Supports direct deposits and other electronic filing.
  • Calculates taxes and Medicare/OASDI automatically.
  • Prints reports by department and division.
  • Allows for non-taxable earnings.
  • Allows for special deductions (i.e. EIC, Cafeteria, 401K Plan, garnishments, priority deductions, and deductions with caps).
  • Allows previous time records to be copied to new pay period to ease data entry.
Timelog Regular Earnings Entry
Employee Master
Maintain Deduction Categories
Tax Tables
Employee Statistics
Maintain Earnings Categories
Additional Check Entry
Handwritten Check Entry
Maintain Employee Deductions
Void Payroll Checks
Set Payroll Date

Payroll Register
Payroll Posting/Proof
Print Payroll Checks/Stubs
Payroll Check Register
Employee Listing
Sick & Vacation Report
Calculating Withholding
Payroll Utilities
Employee Master List
Input Control Sheet
Transaction Edit List
Payroll Mailing Labels
Employee Deductions & Earnings Register
941 Continuation Sheet
Print W-2 Statements
Print W-2 Statements (2-Up)
Unemployment Tax Report
Print Deduction Configuration
Create Magnetic Media
Timelog/Pay Register Utility
Delete Timelog Records

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