Maintenance Contracts

The DataModes MAINTENANCE CONTRACTS module automates the tedious task of billing maintenance contracts on a periodic basis. A master record for each piece of equipment under maintenance is established with various parameters. Billing can be done monthly, quarterly, or annually either in advance or in arrears. The system creates invoices based on these parameters without operator intervention. Dates are kept on warranty expiration, terms of the contract, service inspection, and last billing. The system is tied into a serialized inventory which shows who owns the equipment and who is responsible for servicing.

  • Bills maintenance contracts automatically by a single operation without individually reviewing each contract.
  • Provides a manual override of the normal billing for special cases where partial billing or pro-rating of billings is required.
  • Allows both maintenance and rental contracts to be billed.
  • Creates a proof prior to billing to prevent inaccuracies or incorrect billings.
  • Keeps the status of the contract as to whether a maintenance contract has been accepted, canceled, refused, or not been sold on specific installed equipment.
  • Shows on the contract the billing year-to-date, the current billing rate, the invoice number, date, and amount of the last billing for the purpose of tracking billing operations.
  • Lists all of the contracts that exist for a given customer account by product type and by serial number.
  • Lists the inspection dates for each contract to prompt service technicians to call on the account on a periodic basis, do preventative maintenance, and service the equipment.
Serialized Maintenance

Contract Billing Proof
Inspection Followup
Contract Expiration List
Maintenance Contract Audit
Maintenance Contract List
Maintenance Contract Invoicing

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