General Ledger

The DataModes GENERAL LEDGER module collects and summarizes accounting data for your organization. The module involves posting of General Ledger transactions, retrieval of information for subsidiary ledgers in other application modules and the printing of financial reports. Manual journal postings are made with audit trails, editing, and controls on data entry using double entry techniques. The bulk of the journal entries come through automatic postings from other modules such as Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and the invoicing modules.

  • Operates in a true multi-user environment and processes multiple divisions and departments.
  • Provides flexible account number structure, with digits available for profit center/division, department/cost center, major account number and sub-account number.
  • Handles any number of accounts, depending on the size of the computer system.
  • Provides balance verification for journal entries.
  • Keeps data and reports by profit center/division and cost center/department.
  • Maintains figures on current year, last year, and budget for each account and prints consolidated and comparative financial statements.
  • Posts automatically in real-time, online from subsidiary ledgers (Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, etc.), through a unique system design.
  • Prints financial statements anytime and provides streamlined end-of-period processing.
  • Allows posting to the next period before closing the previous period.
  • Handles recurring journal entries.
Account Summary
Journal Entry
Add G/L Accounts
Maintain Chart of Accounts
Annual Budget
Recurring Journal Entry
G/L Account Analysis

Journal Entry Proof
General Ledger Audit
Chart of Accounts Worksheet
General Ledger Utilities
Journal Utilities
Reconcile G/L Balances
G/L Journal Posting
G/L Account Balances
G/L Account Type Utility
G/L Copy Function
G/L Account Number Change
Change Journal Year and Period Utility
Income Statement
Balance Sheet
Trial Balance
Post Recurring Entries
Post Reversing Entries
Recurring JE Proof
Consolidated Income Statement
Consolidated Balance Sheet
Comparative Income Statement
Comparative Balance Sheet
Consolidated Comparative Income Statement

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