Inventory Control

The DataModes INVENTORY CONTROL module maintains and updates a variety of information about products, services and labor. It can operate as an independent module to track different activities, or it can work with other DataModes modules to automatically track items from receipt to warehousing to invoicing. The inventory master records are versatile enough to work with the invoicing and manufacturing modules, service dispatch, and various other applications. Extensive reporting capabilities provided give complete visibility of products and services sold.

  • Provides up to 99 pricing levels.
  • Supports multiple warehouse locations.
  • Updates all inventory quantities and costs from other modules automatically (such as invoicing) so that the Inventory Master stays current.
  • Maintains inventory levels by individual item number and inventory warehouse.
  • Alerts the operator to unusual variances in the last and current cost in order to make necessary changes immediately.
  • Includes information on cost, prices, on hand stock, quantity on order, bin location, primary vendor, standard packaging, etc.
  • Prints a log listing all transactions which affect inventory items and labels the type of transaction.
  • Maintains current quantities for on hand, on order, and reserve stock balances.
  • Supports gross margins, markups, and discounts.
  • Valuates inventory by average cost or last cost methods.
  • Operates in true multi-user environment.
Inventory Master
Inventory Inquiry
Inventory Receipt
Inventory Adjustments

Inventory Valuation
Inventory Transactions
Reorder Recommendations
Reorder Point Calculations
Transaction Utilities
On Hand Inventory
Physical Inventory Worksheet
Inventory Receiving Report
Inventory Utilities
Inventory Location Copy Function
Inventory Mass Change
Inventory History by Month
Inventory Slow Moving Report
Reconcile Inv. History Quantities
Reconcile On Order Quantities
Inventory Transaction Document

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