Shop Order Release

The DataModes SHOP ORDER RELEASE module facilitates the loading of a master production schedule and tracks shop orders through to completion. The release of a shop order by the production planning staff produces a "picking list" for the stock room, deducts all the parts from inventory that are required to manufacture the shop order, and moves them to "work in process". The completion of the shop order automatically updates the finished goods inventory. The Bill of Materials and Inventory Control modules are required for this system.

  • Allows an assembly to be automatically broken down into its components through a special part disassembly function.
  • Prior to releasing a shop order, a stock check can be performed to verify the availability of parts.
  • Reports on the orders of the master production schedule by selected dates.
  • Updates to inventory quantity levels are all automatically performed by the system.
Shop Order Entry
Shop Order Release Schedule
Shop Order Completion

Shop Order Status
Stock Check
Part Disassembly
Reprint Shop Order Picklist
Shop Orders By Part Number
Shop Order Routing Sheet
Reconcile WIP Qty
Workorder Utility
Shop Order Standard Labor

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