Equipment Sales and Service

The DataModes EQUIPMENT SALES AND SERVICE system is designed to meet the specific requirements of a business engaged in the sales and service of serialized equipment and services. The key to processing information is a database which tracks inventory items by serial number. Items are received into inventory by serial number. Sales transactions are kept by customer, and subsequent repairs and maintenance contracts are tied back to the customer and serial number. The serialized inventory may also be tracked on a rental contract.

  • Provides two types of invoicing: serialized and non-serialized items. Invoicing can be done directly, with or without a special tendering function, through Invoice Processing or preceded with sales order entry through Sales Order Processing.
  • Includes a solid accounting base which is automatically updated through special online postings made throughout the system.
  • A series of ninety-nine discount levels accurately price sales to retail customers, dealers, distributors, and other trade accounts.
  • Maintenance and rental contracts are automatically invoiced each period. Additional reporting aids in tracking outdated contracts and renewal data.
  • Service calls are automatically tracked from the time the call is taken, through assignment and completion, to billing of the call and supplies.
  • Inventory reorder point/quality supports reorder recommendations for each vendor including cash requirement estimates, plus automatic tracking of orders made and received.
  • Inventory levels are updated automatically at the time of sale for accuracy, warning operator of out of stock situations.
  • Complete lead and customer/vendor database forms foundation to all modules. Includes special Teledex support and label printing functions.
Accounts Payable
Cash Reconciliation
Invoice Processing
Service Dispatch
General Ledger
Accounts Receivable
Inventory Control
Sales Order Processing
Serialized Inventory
Maintenance Contracts

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