Serialized Inventory

The DataModes SERIALIZED INVENTORY module is used, in conjunction with the standard inventory control system, to track individual parts by serial number. The serialized items are received into inventory through an inventory control receiving screen, which also logs the individual items by serial number in a special serialized inventory master file. From the time the equipment is shipped, the serial installation master file tracks the customer, the invoice number, the invoice date, and amount of the invoice along with the corresponding serial number and part number of the piece of equipment. The installation records are useful for tracking the location of installed equipment, and aid in the marketing of services to customers. Serialized Inventory can also be used with the Service Dispatch and Maintenance Contract modules.

  • Shows the warranty status of installed equipment for service and billing decisions. Provides for marketing of maintenance contracts and repair services.
  • Integrates with the Inventory Control, Sales Order Processing, Maintenance Contracts, and Service Dispatch modules to produce a complete system for controlling serialized inventory.
  • Lists all of the installed equipment for any given customer account to provide service and marketing data.
  • Simplifies serialized inventory receipt into one easy step.
  • Supports tracking of rental, lease, and loan equipment by location and customer.
  • Prevents any serialized parts from being loaded without serial numbers.
  • Provides greater control over costly serialized items by tracking them individually.
Serial Installation
Serialized Inventory Receipt
Serial Components

Serial Number List
Serial Number By Owner
Off Warranty Serial Numbers

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