Service Dispatch

The DataModes SERVICE DISPATCH module is a special adaptation of job costing and invoice operations for businesses primarily involved in providing labor and materials to perform services. The service dispatch entry logs the dates and times a service call is received, when the call is dispatched, and when it is completed. After the call has been completed and the service performed, the call is cleared through a special function which may close the call out as completed or bill the customer for the labor and material involved in completing the call. The billing interfaces with the Invoice Processing, Inventory Control and Accounting modules so that it is consistent with the rest of the billings to customers and with the integrity of stocked parts. Service Dispatch also integrates with the Serialized Inventory and Maintenance Contracts modules.

  • Allows operators to take, assign, and clear calls all in one screen.
  • Allows the entry of new customers and serial numbers directly from the service call entry screen through the use of pop-up windows.
  • Keeps a service history, including dates and expenses involved for each piece of installed equipment, to provide records on the profitability of service and to allow for evaluation of services performed on maintenance contracts.
  • Displays the outstanding calls based on a specific customer or service technician to provide for the management of the service technician staff.
  • Provides analysis reports by service technician on open calls or calls assigned daily and weekly.
  • Provides data, such as the current location of a technician, mileage, and travel time, to aid in assigning the technician to a service call.
  • Relieves inventory and records the items used in conjunction with the service call automatically upon the billing of a call to the customer.
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