Invoice Processing

The DataModes INVOICE PROCESSING module is designed as an automated billing and inventory control function. An invoice can be entered for a customer including information on manual sales orders, shipment instructions, rep, and account terms. Invoice Processing is integrated with other modules to provide automatic pricing, credit checking, and automatic updating of Inventory and Accounts Receivable. Invoices can be printed individually or in groups, on blank paper or preprinted forms. Other reports include an invoice register and a report which shows sales, cost of goods sold, and gross margin by invoice. To complete the information flow, all invoices can be automatically posted to the General Ledger, providing valuable data on cost of sales, inventory transactions, sales, and accounts receivable.

  • Contains an easy to use credit memo entry screen, creating credit memos which can be left open or automatically applied to another invoice.
  • Allows entry of memos and notes on each line item and at the bottom of each invoice.
  • Allows item price change directly or by level or percent discount.
  • Ninety-nine levels of pricing are supported.
  • Standard invoice format includes ship-to address, purchase order number, shipping instructions, and terms.
  • Controls the invoice entry process providing audit trails and restricting the deletion of invoices.
  • Posts sales invoice information to the General Ledger to support the generation of profit and loss statements.
  • Reprints invoices individually, by a range of invoice numbers, or by date issued.
  • Provides an invoice register to verify and control billings.
  • Automatically updates inventory quantities when entering an invoice.
Invoice Entry
Credit Memo Entry

Print Invoices
Cost of Sales
Invoice Register
Sales Posting
Sales Posting Exception

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