The DataModes Teledex Customer Support module is DataModes' unique concept that focuses on supporting customers. A customer "master", contact manager, ship to "master", and drill downs, follow database concepts to best utilize customer data. Commonly used information on customers and vendors (such as accounts receivable balance, payment terms, shipping methods, etc.) is pulled from the central files and new information is integrated fully with data from other application modules. Teledex provides flexible and extensive information retrieval on customers, notes about calls, follow-up reminders by date and special note, and mailing label lists based on numerous selection criteria. The Support Options Menu consists of various subprograms set up by the operator to provide a fully communicative information system accessed from one screen.

  • Accesses the Teledex Master, Inventory Inquiry, Sales Order Entry and customer invoice and payment history. Other customer specific DataModes programs may be added.
  • Finds records by several selectable fields of information, including company name, contactís last name, follow-up date, phone number, city, state, and zip code.
  • Stores balances, terms, sales taxes, price levels and other data in the customer/vendor mode to support Accounts Receivable, Invoicing, Accounts Payable, and other modules.
  • Maintains contact information for an unlimited number of contacts per company.
  • Stores multiple shipping addresses for the same company.
  • Generates pop-up menu allowing operator to choose customer support functions quickly.
  • Lists follow-up contacts by date, or representative with special notes, company and contact names, and phone numbers.
  • Allows review of all calls to a selected customer.
  • Lists company name, address, title, ten digit zip code, sales representative, and phone numbers, source, status and other coding as well as extensive vendor and customer information.
  • Tracks lead and source of new prospects to identify profitable advertising expenditures.
  • Allows entry into command line word processors for automatic letter generation.

Teledex Master
Ship To Master
Support Options
Notes/Calls Entry
Contact Entry

Teledex Master Listing
Teledex Mailing Labels
Teledex Mailing Labels by Zip
Teledex Folder Labels
Teledex File Load
Teledex Sales Tax Utilities
Teledex Utilities
Teledex Source Mass Change
Recreate Teledex Companies
Representative Followup Calls
Call Note History
Lead Report
Sales Forecast
Ship To Mailing Labels
Ship To Utilities
Rolodex Cards
Telephone Lists

TX+002 Laptop Interface
TX+003 Teledex Credit Reference
TX+005 Billto
TX+007 Ship To Includes Sales Rep
TX+009 Password Protect Credit Limit
TX+011 Find Company By Phone

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