The DataModes SCHEDULING module allows work orders for shop order release, job costing, and service dispatch to be easily viewed and edited for scheduling purposes. A screen full of information lists work orders by release date. The detail of each work order scrolls in a panel at the bottom of the screen as each work order is selected, showing a full picture of the work order status. Various items on the work order can be easily edited, such as the plan date. Options for displaying specific work orders and scheduling selections are available from a pull-down menu, such as displaying all work orders for a single customer or a specific item. A pop-up menu allows the operator to view job routing for a work order showing each step of the routing, including standard and actual. Status shows steps completed along with completion time. Labor time-entry for a work order is easily entered and is available to the Payroll Module. Bill of materials can be viewed from the work order selection pop-up for in-depth analysis. Job costing work orders can display profit analysis information for each work order and totals for all work orders, giving a true picture of performance. Extensive notes can be entered about the service requested or service performed for any work order. A multitude of methods is available to simplify the scheduling process and maintain the work orders.

  • Allows easy viewing and editing of work orders.
  • Show work orders by plan date which can be easily changed.
  • Displays work order detail as each is selected.
  • Provides for entry of technician and time worked on the order.
  • Saves data entry by integrating to payroll through technician time log entry.
  • Provides utility to mass correct or delete.
  • Status shows steps and time completed.
  • Displays schedule by selecting plan dates, order dates, technician, status, type, priority, division, location, item number, bill to, ship to, or serial number.
  • Allows operator lock-out on certain data.
  • Produces project schedule and profit analysis.
  • Allows notes on work order for service requested and service performed.
  • Drills down to bill of materials.
  • Totals work orders.
  • Shows each step of routing including standard and actual.
Scheduling Master
Labor Codes and Rates
Labor Entry
Routing Pop-up
Material Requisition Pop-up

Project Schedules
Work Order Profit Analysis
Labor Utility

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