Wholesale Distribution

The DataModes WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTION system provides an integrated system for order processing, inventory control, and accounting for a wide range of businesses. Customer orders are entered, tracked, shipped, and invoiced with an online order processing system. Order entry automatically updates invoicing, accounts receivable, inventory control, and profit reporting. Open orders provide for a status report on order backlogs. Customer orders can be entered by line item referencing standard prices and customer discounts. Verifies on-hand availability of items at order entry time and simultaneously deducts from inventory. Notifies operator of orders which exceed the credit limit. Prints picking slips, quotations, confirmations, invoices, and credit memos.

  • Brings the power of mainframe computing to a microcomputer system.
  • Fully multi-user, with support for multiple divisions and departments.
  • Combines mature business software into a totally integrated, compatible system built upon modules specifically tailored to wholesale distribution.
  • Integration of accounting, inventory control, and sales orders.
  • Minimize keystrokes by defaulting pre-entered item and providing pop-up windows to permit selection and automatic entry of data.
  • During order entry, new customers can be entered directly into the name address section of TELEDEX.
  • Inventory and customer information as well as previous invoice history available on-the-fly for simplified means of taking telephone orders.
  • Provides ninety-nine discount levels and allows discounts per customer and per line item.
  • Verifies on-hand availability of items at order entry and also shows number of items available for sale
  • Deducts items from inventory automatically, first reserving the quantity ordered and then relieving on-hand inventory at the time of invoicing.
  • Checks customer credit limit with both accounts receivable and open order and keeps orders from being entered if customer is on credit hold.
  • Reports printed by a variety of selection criteria.
  • Can be tied to DataModes Purchasing/Receiving, Sales Analysis, and Configurator or Kitting modules.
  • See individual module sheets for more information.
General Ledger
Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable
Inventory Control
Invoice Processing
Sales Order Processing
Cash Reconciliation

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