Lot Tracking

The DataModes LOT TRACKING module, in conjunction with the standard inventory control system, is used to track individual parts by lot number. Items are received into inventory through an inventory control receiving screen which requires the operator to assign lot numbers. From the moment an item or finished good containing a lot number is shipped, the lot tracking module will track the lot, customer, invoice number, invoice date, and amount of the invoice. Lots created through the production process have lot numbers assigned at the completion of a shop order, similar to the receiving screen. As orders are shipped, lot numbers are assigned to each sales order so that the database knows which lots were shipped on which orders. Lot tracking is a must for food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries and has been making inroads in other industries where quality is an issue (ISO9000).

  • Integrates with the Inventory Control, Purchasing and Receiving, Sales Order Processing, Invoice Processing, Serialized Inventory and Shop Floor modules to produce a complete system for controlling inventory items that are lot and/or bin tracked.
  • Shows the lot number, area and bin location of lot tracked items.
  • Tracks not only the item lot numbers but also reference lot numbers within manufactured lot tracked items.
  • Improves quality assurance as poor quality items can be tracked back to raw material receipts and back to finished goods.
  • Minimizes operator entry by integrating Lot tracking with other functions.
  • Traces lots from receiving operation through shipping or shipments back to received lots.
  • Prevents lot tracked parts from being received or sold without lot numbers and area/bin locations.
  • Generates reports to assist in locating specific lots that may be eligible for recall in both the on hand inventory and sold items by Customer.
  • Provides for lab approval information on lot tracked items.
  • Reports lot tracked items by inventory location, reference lot number and lot number. Prints cost and on hand quantities.
  • Improves accuracy of inventory by the double accounting inherent in lot tracking as quantities are kept in both inventory and lot track system.
Bin Master
Lab Approval Master

Lot Register
Lot Recall List
Lab Approval Report
Lot Reconciliation

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