Production and Inventory Control

The DataModes PRODUCTION AND INVENTORY CONTROL system includes modules to automate the reccurring assembly of a finished product in a manufacturing facility. Orders are processed through order processing, production, shipping, invoicing, and collections. Work orders are created for stock or individual orders. Structured finished items and subassemblies are released and completed based on a defined bill of materials. Work in process inventory is updated creating transaction and usage information. Finished goods inventory is updated upon completion. Complete flow through of inventory accounting information is provided. Shop orders can be prepared to track production and update inventory levels of work in process and finished goods.

  • Brings the power of mainframe computing to a microcomputer system.
  • Combines business software into a totally integrated, compatible system built upon modules specifically tailored to the manufacturing concept.
  • Descriptive separation of item cost inventory to allow full structure flexibility.
  • Shop Order Control by order, schedule, and completion date.
  • Complete costing availability to provide accurate cost per unit.
  • Finished goods and subassemblies can be easily entered and updated.
  • Automatic update of inventory quantities.
  • See individual module sheets for more information.
Teledex & Customer Support
Accounts Receivable
Inventory Control
Sales Order Processing
Shop Order Release
General Ledger
Accounts Payable
Invoice Processing
Bill of Materials Processor
Cash Reconciliation

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