Bill of Materials Processor

The DataModes BILL OF MATERIALS PROCESSOR organizes the specifications of product assemblies and structures used in manufacturing and related industries. Product structures are created by entering the sub-assemblies and parts required to construct the item. Each structure and its cost can be listed by the components and the sub-assemblies which make up the final assembly. Details on all of the occurrences of component usage within structures can also be reported. The Bill of Materials Processor is integrated with and requires the Item Cost and Inventory Control modules.

  • Allows easy loading, updating, and deleting of multi-level structures.
  • Allows flexible inventory stocking with flow through or phantom parts either stocked or assembled at the time of manufacture.
  • Calculates costs from raw materials through finished goods updating all sub-assembly parts in the bill of material structure.
  • Provides instant costing of the item once its structure is built to permit preparation of cost estimates, customer bids, and proposed new products.
  • Saves time in building new structures with simple copying function.
  • Eases maintenance of bill of materials by permitting common assembly retention in the system making it available for building new structures.
  • Finds items and sub-assemblies in their respective structures.
  • Allows complete view of the product by providing viewing or printing of the entire bill of materials structure or each sub-assembly.
Product Structure
BOM Copy Function


Indented Bill of Materials
Single Level Bill of Materials
Bill of Materials Costing
Bill of Materials Where Used

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