Parts Requirements Planning

The DataModes PARTS REQUIREMENTS PLANNING module, a simplified version of Material Requirement Planning, reports on the current and future status of inventory by comparing open shop orders, proposed shop orders, sales orders, and purchase orders. By knowing the need of inventory, the operator can then better plan inventory re-orders and schedule productions more efficiently.

  • Creates a Parts Plan Schedule which lists the quantity currently on hand, the number of items required for each day, the supply expected to be received for each day, and then calculates the forecasted availability and shortage of all items. This report reviews the open sales orders, open purchase orders, open shop orders, and exploded bill of materials for open shop orders.
  • Provides a special program to automatically generate shop orders for existing sales orders if the item on the sales order has a bill of materials.
  • Forecasts production needs by item number on a 12-week basis based on actual and proposed shop orders in a report called Production Schedule.
  • Generates a special listing of all components of items scheduled to be completed from shop orders during a specified date range called the Parts Explosion.
  • Creates a special list by component of the shop orders on which each component is to be used, the parent assembly, the quantity to be used, and the required date. (Part Pegging Report)
  • Provides an Open Shop Orders report.
  • Compares the amount in on hand inventory, the amount on order, and the quantity of items required through sales orders and shop orders and reports the difference in quantities for a specified date range in the Parts Shortage Report.
  • Integrates with Shop Order Control, Sales Order Processing, and Purchasing/Receiving.

Load Shop Orders
Production Schedule
Open Shop Order Report
Parts Explosion
Part Pegging Report
Part Shortage Report
Parts Plan Schedule

MR+001 Parts Allocation

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