Advanced Financial Accounting

The DataModes ACCOUNTING SYSTEM collects and summarizes data from all stores and consolidates data into a series of financial statements. Postings in general ledger and accounts payable can be made easily across all stores and corporate accounts. The system has the option of batch posting data submitted by each store, where each batch can be proofed prior to posting. Statements by store and the corporate consolidation can be printed anytime in standard formats or customized with a report writer that is included in the system.

  • Operates in a true multi-user environment and processes multiple divisions (stores) and departments. Runs under most operating systems (Windows 95, Novell, NT, LINUX, UNIX, DOS).
  • Controlled by a powerful batch posting and proofing system with batch controls on totals, debfts, and credits. Input lines can be identified with a complete audit tracking for every transaction entered.
  • Allows a single journal entry to post across divisions such that intercompany transfers are greatly streamlined. Allocates by several operational parameters to allow a single vendor invoice in accounts payable to be spread over multiple divisions and departments. All accounts in the general ledger can be spread via allocation processing.
  • Supports the entry, storage, and retrieval of non-accounting data using a database system for statistical accounts.
  • Offers an ad hoc system for organizing data with a report writer that allows the operator to define the layout of each report.
  • Processes recurring journal entries so that a series of entries can be set up for multiple periods saving time and improving accuracy.
  • Provides flexible account number structure with digits available for profit center store, department or cost center, major account number, and subaccount number.
  • Maintains figures on current year, budget, and previous years for comparative financial analysis.
  • Inputs checks from bank to streamline check reconciliation and supports data transfer from the bank on disk.
  • Supports simple procedures for voiding checks, vouchers, and combination checks/vouchers.

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