The DataModes CONFIGURATOR works within Sales Order Processing and the Production and Inventory Control modules to allow the operator to define the components of special items/services sold. Through the use of operator designed menus, a custom list of items needed, steps to be taken, and labor to perform may be specified directly during the entry of a quotation or sales order. Each component, step, and type of labor is defined in a special Item Cost file to increase entry speed and efficiency. The "kitting" of special assemblies can also be accomplished with the configurator.

  • Allows components to be selected individually or by product line.
  • Allows definition of special inventory items that are generically "configurable".
  • Keeps parts, labor, and special instructions in separate file for easy and consistent data entry.
  • Creates a Bill of Materials as the list of items and instructions needed to build the special item.
  • Prints the Bill of Materials which will show the items needed, the cost of each, and grand totals.
  • Allows the user to define special menus which allow selection of a special item, call another menu, or list a product line from which to choose components.
  • Specifies valid quantity ranges during menu configuration for certain items and limitations can be set to the selection of one or many items.
  • Used in conjunction with the Bill of Materials module, Item Cost module, and Shop Floor Control module.
  • Updates custom item lists through the Bill of Materials screen by adding, deleting, or changing items.
  • Operates in a true multi-user environment.
  • Functions as a separate program or can be called during Sales Order Entry.
Configuration Table Entry
Bill of Materials programs can be used to edit the Configured lists.

Configurator Table
Configured Cost Estimate
The Bill of Materials reports can used to report on Configured lists.

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