Job Costing

The DataModes JOB COSTING module tracks projects through to completion and allows for the charging of labor, materials, and other costs to a series of work orders which make up the projects. Work orders are billed to customers based on mark-ups of purchased items, standard pricing on inventory items, and standard labor rates. Labor is collected by employee to facilitate analysis of labor input to specific jobs. Actual results are compared to budget figures to show performance. The module relies on other modules to provide a complete system for the management of inventory, control of billing and receivables, and payroll/labor distribution.

  • Uses standard A/P posting for purchased items such as special materials or services (bonding and insurance).
  • Uses inventory requisition from the standard inventory control incorporating all inventory functions including costing, pricing, on hand quantities, re-order logic, and analysis.
  • Uses a table of work codes, descriptions, and rates to semi-automate the entry of employee time records.
  • Posts labor, material, and other costs to the General Ledger.
  • Provides a database profile on each project including bid information, project schedules, and budgets.
  • Adapts to a myriad of uses including construction, manufacturing, service, and repair environments.
  • Uses the same Inventory Control, Invoicing, and Receivables modules as other DataModes systems including Sales Order Processing and Point of Sale.
Daily Time Log
Material Requisition
A/P Register
Equipment Requisition
Work Order Control
Project Master
Codes and Rates
Employee Master
Time Log Posting
Work Order Invoicing
Job Cost Invoicing

Labor by Work Order
Project Master Listing
Time Log by Work Order
Time Log by Customer
Work Order Billing Proof
Work Order Listing
Time Log by Employee
Time Log by Work Code
Requisition for Payment
Continuation Report

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