Q: Why Reconcile G/L Balances?
A: If your G/L Balances are not correct, you will need to run the Reconcile G/L Balances program. How do you know that the balances are incorrect? Maybe something just "looks funny" to you. Or maybe you know you should have a higher or lower balance in a particular account. G/L Balances may not match the balances of your subsidiary ledgers.

Why does this happen? Computers are not infallible. It could be there was a power surge or outage or a work station locked up requiring the operator to shut down without exiting DataModes. There are several reasons why your balances might be incorrect. Have you ever added a column of figures and came up with the wrong number? The same thing can happen to the computer if something occurs to cause it to miss an updating entry.

The computer remedy is the same as the manual remedy would be. You would scrap your current total, go back to a place where you knew the balance was correct and carry the balance of the account forward from there.

This reconcile program will zero all G/L account balances then recalculate each balance from the journal entry activity, based on the selection criteria that was entered. All transactions that affected the G/L balances and will be used in the recalculation for the selected time period(s). The G/L Reconcile program is found under General Ledger, General Ledger Utilities, Reconcile G/L Balances.

Two selection criteria are available for determining the time period for which to reconcile. The operator may select to reconcile balances for a single accounting period and year or to reconcile all periods and years beginning with a specified period and year.

To ensure that the reconcile program uses only true balances, two system parameters have been set to tell the General Ledger when your DataModes Balances began (BEGINNING_GL_PERIOD and BEGINNING_GL_YEAR). The reconcile program will not calculate balances prior to the settings of these indicators. CAUTION: Resetting these indicators may compromise your data integrity. If you have any questions, please contact DataModes Technical Support.

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