Q: What do I do when my Open A/P Total Does Not Match the G/L Account Total?
A: When you have run the Open Accounts Payable report and find that the total balance figure does not match the totals represented by the General Ledger, the following procedure will help you reconcile the balances:

1. Run the Journal Entry Report selecting the last option "Print Only Unbalanced Journal Entries". This report will detail any journal entries that are not in balance. If any are found, you must void and unpost those entries and re-enter them.

2. Run the G/L Journal Postings report selecting the period, year and the A/P account number that you show is out of balance. Select a source of "MP" for manual post to determine if there have been any manual posting entries (Normally, there should be NO manual journal entries in A/P accounts).

3. From the G/L Utilities menu, Reconcile G/L Balances for the period and year you are working with to recreate the actual balance for the account.

4. The G/L Account Analysis program may be used to verify if there are entries that washed in and out of your Accounts Payable account.

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