In 1982, the founders of DataModes, Inc. wanted to provide small businesses an accounting system with capabilities beyond those normally found in the PC environment. To accomplish this, they applied the database technology used in large mainframe computers, and adapted proven designs for processing business applications on large computers to multi-user PCs.

Today, those same concepts have evolved into a comprehensive business application that allows companies to easily manage their operations with a standardized system, while still providing the ability to customize the software to meet their requirements.

DataModes’ software addresses all sizes of businesses, providing modules for manufacturing, accounting, order processing, inventory control, and job costing.

The core modules form an accounting base around which a multitude of business applications can be built. The modules are designed to be easily configured for a variety of businesses including manufacturers, wholesale distributors, various service oriented businesses, and retail establishments.

The modules are also designed to ease the addition of custom programs that further meet the needs of a particular business. While the system is totally integrated, the programs and the data files are independent of each other. This allows considerable flexibility in expanding the system beyond the basic modules. DataModes can easily add special reports and other custom changes.

DataModes emphasizes training and support, without which even the best design will be compromised. They do not however, believe in selling the software and then directing users to outside contractors for support. The DataModes staff provide live, personalized assistance to clients. Assistance in installation and training are provided for each module delivered. Ongoing Technical Support after the initial training phase is available to address questions and resolve any issues that may arise.

The DataModes staff is weighted heavily towards technical support, installation services, and system design/programming. The skills of the staff include experience in retailing, manufacturing, accounting, wholesaling, and data processing. Much of this experience and expertise in database applications has been applied to the application modules offered by DataModes.

For over 30 years, DataModes has made great strides in providing the business world with software that meets the varied needs of the market today. The DataModes staff intends to remain on the forefront of technology and to continue serving the needs of the market for years to come.

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