1. All design and programming is scheduled based on the customerís account receivable status. If an account is past due, design and programming may be delayed until payment is made. If there are questions regarding accounts receivable, please contact DataModes at (405) 947-3887 or fax us at (405) 947-5948.

  2. The sooner a signoff is received the sooner the work order can be scheduled for programming. No work is done on custom changes without a signoff.

  3. All requests for design changes made after the signoff is received by DataModes may result in the work order going back to the design step. It is best to make all changes when the original design is sent.

  4. DataModes does offer a 30-day warranty on all custom programming. This warranty only covers items that do not function correctly based on what was stated in the design or programming documentation. Other changes are considered billable. If a problem is reported after the 30-day period it can and will be billable.

  5. All designs will remain open for 30 days after the design has been sent. If no response has been received, in writing, the work order will be closed and any design time will be billed for the accrued time at the work order rate.

  6. The work order process may require several weeks to complete and backlogs are possible. DataModes makes every effort to deliver all programming changes as soon as possible. Your patience is appreciated.

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