1. Request Change: A customer sends a request for either a custom programming or a standard (APM) change. A work order is loaded for this change and channeled to the correct person to continue the cycle.
  2. APM Change: If the request is for a standard (APM) change, the APM committee will review the work order. This committee meets several times a quarter to review all proposed changes. If the change is approved the work order is designed and scheduled for programming. If the change is not approved the customer will receive a letter stating the changes will not be made standard, however the request can be done custom.
  3. Design Schedule: The work order is being designed. A full written design will be created and sent to the customer along with a signoff. The signoff will give an estimate of the hours that it will take to complete the change, or an exact amount that will be charged to make the requested change. This is where the customer should review the proposed changes very carefully to determine if the change is exactly what is needed. DataModes encourages customers to call with any questions or problems with the design.
  4. Signoff: The design has been modified as needed and a signed work order bid has been sent back to DataModes. The work order can then proceed into the programming schedule.
  5. Programming Schedule: The work order is actually on the programmerís desk ready to be completed. This is where the actual program changes are made. All changes are based on the design created in the design step. Any additional modifications will require a new design and the work order may be sent back to the design step.
  6. Quality Assurance: After a work order has been programmed it goes to quality assurance. All the programming changes are tested for accuracy and design compliance. Work orders must pass quality assurance before they can be sent to a customer.
  7. Shipping/Billing: Once all programming changes are completed and the work order has passed quality assurance, it is then shipped to the customer. The items sent are the actual programs that were changed, documentation as to what was done, installation instructions showing steps to install the new changes, the design document, the invoice for the work order billing, a quality assurance form and a warranty letter (if applicable).
  8. Customer Testing and Response: Once a work order has been received it is recommended that it be installed and tested as soon as possible. DataModes offers a 30-day warranty on all custom programming. If a problem is reported after the warranty has expired the change may be billable, so it is best if the work order can be tested as soon as it is received. Also the quality assurance form should be sent back to DataModes. This form helps to increase accuracy in programming and helps DataModes to better serve its customers.

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